The Institute of Tequila Studies (ITS) is proud to present our highly anticipated exploration of the historical origins of and enduring narrative surrounding Sparkle Donkey Tequila.

After years of intensive research, we have been able to compile (and offer for the first time ever online) a plethora of images and documentation detailing the pre- and post-colonial emergence of what is reverently referred to as “The World’s Best Tequila in the World.”

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The Tale of a Village

Much of the history of this elusive creature and the uplifting elixir he provided has only recently been discovered. The most well documented account of El Burro Esparkalo comes from a small village in Mexico where his appearance was transformative. Much like any other oral history, the villagers that witnessed the startling events first hand told their children who, in turn, told their children, and so on. It is because of this oral tradition that those of us alive today can appreciate and celebrate the tequila that bears the donkey’s name.

Sparkle Donkey – A Legend Rich with History

The story of the Sparkle Donkey — or El Burro Esparkalo as he is better known — began as little more than a local anecdote about a humble-yet-noble creature that, in dire times, delivered liquid salvation to many who were in need. But as time passed and word of his strange, lustrous aura and invigorating, ambrosial drink spread, the Sparkle Donkey became a powerful symbol of hope — an iconic and inscrutable totem that resonates to this very day.

Oldest known photo of The Sparkle Donkey approaching a small Mexican village.

Ancient Artifacts

Already well documented are the 15th century Aztec’s production of fermented agave beverage “octli” and 16th century tequila production by Spanish conquistadors. Historians researching the “Sparkle Donkey” have recently discovered references to the legendary animal which pre-date these first references to tequila production itself.

Celebration of a Hero Through the Ages

In the modern era, Sparkle Donkey Tequila has come to mean many things to many people. But above all it means celebration, fertility, and quality.

Even More Recently Discovered Heritage

This archive is being constantly updated with new artifacts and images. Please check back to see updated materials, or follow the Facebook page to keep up to date.

Advertising a Legend

How the brand has been presented through the decades

As with many well established brands, Sparkle Donkey Tequila has been marketed across the globe according to the zeitgeist of the time. Click through the photos to see what El Burro Esparkalo has meant to different generations of drinkers.

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